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Friday, September 02, 2005

The finish of the summer; a sad period

This summer was not very well to me, it was short and my friends was always working! However, you can always do anything interestin, and I will be a bit sad when it finish in the end.

Day by day it remains less, and we cannot do nothing, but we still have some sweet things to do untill the summer finishes at all.

I refer to the village parties, the feria... Here in my zone there are lots of them. I put a blog telling the parties of San Roman, but it remains lots and lots, specially the Feria of Talavera, and my village parties, of course!

I will go to all what I can. It is difficult to be bored in these weekends, because all the Saturdays you can choose one among all the parties in this day (in some weekends it could be tree or four).

And if it was a little, this year is the last one I pass in Toledo, I will do the practice period there and it will be sure a very good year. I don’t want to come back to my house, so I must enjoy a lot in this year.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Parties in San Román

This weekend, a lot of villages celebrate their patronal parties. I know that three villages in the proximity of talavera are in that parties. So yesterday night we have gone to one of that parties, to San Román.

In this village, the parties are different. I say that because almost all the villages celebrate it in the same way: an orchestra in the mayor square and tents in where you can buy earings, bracelets, and so on. But in this village, the mayor square is surrounding by a fence, and at five o’clock, at night, they let go of cows and little bulls. It is, in that village they don’t mount a square of bulls, they do the bullfighting in the same mayor square of the village. So the orchestra, until five o’clock, plays in this square. After that, they let go of the cows, and when they kill them, the orchestra plays again in the same place.

We have stayed there until ten o’clock in the morning, and after drink a coffee, we have arrived home to recover us.

Friday, August 05, 2005

A cycling stage

The next Sunday, there is an stage of cycling in my village. I inscrived in it yesterday morning. Now, there is around sixty runners!

The stage is not a professional one, it is only an idea of a concejal of here who love cycling. I inscribed in it because in summer time I go out with my cycle all the evenings, except the Saturday, bacause this day I prepared myself to go out (to shave, to have a shower, and so on).
The last Monday I went with one of the organisers to do the stage, and it is very easy, but there is a piece of stage very very difficult. It is next to the stream, and the ground is very irregular, with big stones which makes very easy to fall dawn.

Another problem is that the Saturday is the marriage of my cousin (I told the “despedida de soltero” in a blog the last week), and sure I will be tired the Sunday, but I think that I can finish it without problems.

There was no trophy for the winner, because they say “there is no winners; the important is to participate”, and I agree with them, the important is to have a funny morning and to do sport, which is a very healty activity.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

"Despedida de soltero" of my cousin

This weekend is the Pandorga in Ciudad Real. This is a very big party in Ciudad Real. I went the last year, but this year I can’t go, because this Saturday is the marriage of one of my cousins.
I wish I could go! The last year I enjoyed a lot. I went from Friday to Sunday. I hope the next year I could go.

The last Saturday was the “despedida de soltero”, and all the friends and cosins go out to have a good time. We were a lot of people, we, only the cousins, are twenty-four, because he has four uncles from his mother and five from his father!

First of all, we have dinner in a bar, with the tipicall “tapas”, and after that, we disgised the boyfriend as nun and took it to a disco in Talavera. All the people looked at him and laughed when they looked the disgise.

When the disco closed, we return to my village and went to the father-in-lay and carry him to a pool to trow him inside.

We have breakfast in my uncle’s home and after that, we go to bed. And this was my weekend.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Camping in Jarandilla


The last weekend I went to a camping with my friends. We did not agree at the begining, but finally we decided to go to Jarandilla, because this camping has got a river near there and a pool inside it. Besides, a lot of young people goes to this camping in hollidays, specially in July and August.

When we decided how to do for this weekend, all of my friends wanted to come with us. But finally five of them could not went there. They have many reasons: some of them must work some days of our trip. Another ones had no money (an neither now, but it is another problem...).
Another problem we find when we arrived there was that we cannot stay in the same place: two tents must stay in one place and the whole three must stay in another place, a bit far in my opinion. But there was no problem.

When we arrived there, we mount the tients. We went to the swimming pool, to the river, and at night, we went to the disco.

The Sunday, at midday, we finish our trip an go home. I hope the next year we can go there again

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

An afternoon in the swimming pool

This morning I did an electric instalation in my house in a room which my father habilitated to celebrate events in my house like birthdays, barbecues and so on. He decorated it in a rustic style, with old instruments, dark wood in the ceiling and a fireplace make with slate stones. I make the instalation, because it is not difficult, and I have some experience as an electrician.
At afternoon, I have gone to Talavera with my friends. We have gone to the swimming pool until eight o’clock, and after that, we have had a drink in a new bar opened near the pool.
Today is a warm day, and it is necessary to do something to pass the terribly hot. For that reason, the pool is a fantastic idea. I think that tomorrow I will go here again.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

A visit of my friends of Mérida

This week have came some friends from Merida to Talavera to visit us, from Saturday to Thursday. We met them two years ago a Saturday here in Talavera.
They came here because one of them has a grandmother living in a village near Talavera, and his friends came whit him those weekend. One of the girls loved one of my friends, and here started all the story.
They are eleven friends (seven girls and four boys), but this week only visited us six of them, and one stayed here only one day, he came back to Merida the Sunday morning, because his hollidays ended this day and the Monday he must work.

They are all very friendly, and we enjoy a lot every time they come here. They told us all the things that had been happening in this year, and we too. We think that things change too fast...
It has been a funny weekend.
We went to the cinema, to the disco, and the Sunday, we went to the “Ronda Sur”. It is a long street next to the river, and there are benchs, grass and a row in front to the river, and a lot of people go here, specially in the evening and at night.

Today, before lunck, they have come back to Merida, and we hope they turn again to the Ferias, in September.